I know I only got back from a 12 hour bus-ride on Sunday, which was enough for me to have sworn off buses for many a week if not life, but the prospect of fresh air was too tempting. And besides, I’m never willing to miss out on any of the faculty trips that Louise organizes if I can help it. And so there I was, bright and early, walking to campus with a full backpack, ready to board a bus again. Not just a bus. The bus, the selfsame one that had me so tired earlier in the week.

This time the trip was shorter. Just 2 1/2 hours or so out to AUC’s Desert Development Center (DDC). Everything anyone ever wanted to know about the DDC is on the AUC website for it so check it out:

AUC Desert Development Center

I just have a few images to share. First, this one:


So, I know there’s nothing remarkable about a bunch of people in the woods or a forest, but people remember, We’re in EGYPT! Desert are the norm here, and maybe oases with date palms and the like. But a pine forest? But that’s the beauty of a research center I guess. You create forests in the desert (if you peer through trees carefully you may actually discern it in the distance. It actually felt like a real pine forest in there, cool and shady, with the right quality of green. Normal nosmic people (as opposed to my anosmic self) said it smelled like wet earth.

calves.jpgThe second photograph, is again, probably not remarkable to you all, but these two calves were so cute, I just had to put in a note about them. They are barely 3 days old. Just beginning to walk and wobbly on their feet. If my first cell phone had not gotten lost I could have (tried) to do a short film to show their baby steps. Their knees are still knobbly and they are still white in color, with an almost slick sheen to their hides. They are still fed by their Mommy cows, thought said cows were nowhere in sight at the time, being that they were off stuffing their own faces. The better to feed you with my dear! Moo