Fabulous! It seems to have become the theme word for Louise and Michel’s trip to Vienna.

Certainly I had a fabulous time with them, and they were truly fabulous guests – my first in Vienna. Not only did I get to show off my new-found knowhow and take them to places I’d already discovered (David’s teashop Süssi, the vinegar store in the Nachtmarkt , the Belvedere gardens and The Third Man at the Burgkino), I also got to check out various restaurants and tourist places I’d wanted to — The oldest running giant wheel in the world at the Prater , Colombo Hoppers, a Sri Lankan restaurant (their favorite meal in Vienna), the Goulash Museum (a great find thanks to David of the afore-mentioned Süssi), the Klimt paintings, a heurigen, the Euro-cup finals at a Spanish tapas place around the corner, and, best of all, make some new discoveries such as the small medieval backstreets near the back of Stephansplatz (Michel’s guidebook zindabad) and learn about things to do in the weeks that follow

More snapshots from a fabulous time..

Riesenrad carriage

<- Doggie do station

Biedermeyer wall ->