I’m sitting in one of r’glar spots of this summer, the Blue-Orange in Vienna’s fourth district on my penultimate day in Vienna, having drunk what might possibly be my last coffee shake of the trip – a drink that all the waitstaff here now get for me without even my having to ask – typing my last blog entry while still in this city (all others will have to be backblogs) and feeling quite melancholy at that thought. Summer is over, though the heat is not (and in fact will be on in more ways than one upon my return to Cairo on the morrow), and all good things must come to an end. And certainly my Viennese summer of 2008 counts as one of the good things in my life.

Met interesting people, made new friends, reconnected with old ones – both unexpected and scheduled, made up (more than as the Viennese Clerks will attest to) for my movie deprivation in Cairo, enriched my art and musical experience repertoire, and caught up on my cafes. The litany of names is too long to list here, but I will say a special thanks to the denizens of the city for all your contributions to the fun I had. In the days ahead, I’ll be backblogging my adventures here – such activities will help keep the memories alive, not just for me but I hope also for my friends.

And now I must sign off and visit my cafe Sussi one last time and have a farewell dessert with David and Kristoff before leaving town.

So long Vienna, Ich liebe dich!