Some of us in this world come by our nerdiness naturally I think. There we were, sitting back and relaxing on Tiffany’s lovely terrace overlooking the Nile on a May evening, when Kaddee announced that she was having a prime birthday later that week. And without missing a beat, both Tiffany and I asked – “Which one?” We, or at any rate I, actually named possible numbers but to repeat them would be rude and could also, invite reciprocal revelations, and that’s not the point anyway. The point is that we immediately knew what Kaddee meant. While Suf, the fourth member of our bunch that afternoon did not have a clue what we were blathering about.

Now, it could be that our instant recognition of Kaddee’s allusion was tied to our own experience – both Tiff and I also hit primes this year, while Suf did not and so the subject was on our radars and not hers – but honestly I think that has little to do with anything. For one, it wasn’t until Kaddee mentioned it that I (after a hurried calculation in my head) even realized that I too had a prime birthday coming up. No, the only explanation I have, is that this world is made up of nerds and normal people, and that the demographic that day was skewed towards us, making the normal (in this case Sufia) feel left out.

So anyway, I hit my prime this year, a while ago, more than 2 months ago actually, since my birthday is 24th of July, and I’ve been meaning to write about it, but there seems to be a deep-seated, subconscious reluctance on my part ot mark the passage of my years on-line. And yet, since I had a rather marvelous (prime in fact), if low key, birthday, I think it deserves mention here.

What made it so marvelous? Well, I got to celebrate it with my Mom, something I’ve not done for some years now. The last time was in Bangalore in 2003. This time it was in Vienna and Amma had specially timed her visit to be there for my birthday, which was very nice. It was her first full day there and we went sightseeing to the Hofburg, and I introduced her to Cafe Sussi, which is where I had my birthday cake equivalent.

To return to the matter of primes, one of the folks who did catch my meaning instantly when I mentioned the word  in connection with birthdays was my once-and-always roomie Chris, another professional nerd. Not only that, he also proceeded to point out the double entendre within: that not only was the age a prime number, but also that I was in my prime. Bless his lovely heart, he also added a “you don’t look a day over x” line of comfort, where x = a previous prime number. Talk about making my year! As I’ve said many a time before to the good Dr. League, he really is in one of his own!