Another publication milestone I thought I’d advertise on my blog:

Sometime over the summer a German publishing house contacted me about publishing my dissertation. Not a rewrite in the American style, but quite simply the dissertation itself, with a cover of choice and my photo on the back cover (groan!!!) and permission to reprint up to 20% of it verbatim in papers; all  at no cost to me. Since the first paper was already published, a second spinoff underway and a possible third spinoff in the wings, I figured that the traditional diss-to-book publication wasn’t a happening option. The book I have in mind for that project is altogether different, and so I gratefully accepted their offer and uploaded the book. Several weeks later, it popped up on Amazon.

Check it out:


It’s really exorbidantly priced so I wouldn’t advice anyone to buy a personal copy but anyone with a library or academic allowance for such things, please do your friend a good turn. Apparently I stand to get a minimal royalty for every copy purchased.