Earlier in the summer I wrote about my meeting with wurst in Wien. It was a pleasant encounter, and as mentioned, it gave me a new appreciation for the hot dog. Coming to Berlin, I found out that it has it’s own wurst tradition in the guise of Curry wurst. Described in guide books as a grilled hot-dog served topped with ketchup and a dusting of a secret mixture pf spices. I’d heard about it before when I lived in Heidelberg, but never got around to trying it, and besides Berlin is supposed to be the originator of this delicacy anyway. So yesterday while wandering around town, I tried one out for lunch. At Curry 36, one of the 3 places recommended by The Lonely Planet as local favorite and one of the best.

The verdict? Sorry Berliners, much as I love your city, I have to side with the Viennese on this one. There was certainly nothing wrong with place – in fact it had the type of ambience** I like – unpretentious, fresh stuff, quick turnover, low costs, and standing tables to eat them at but the taste experience was mundane. Ho Hum. Not something I’ll be standing in line to repeat.

**Actually the ambience (a word they might lynch me for using in these places) brought to mind another place I love whose snack I adore – Pat’s Steaks – one of the rivalling homes of the world famous Philly cheese-steaks in South Philadelphia. But that’s a subject worthy of its own post. Some day…