One of those days when Horus has been truly horrible. Either that or I just got up on the wrong side of the bed. Woke up and got ready just fine. The taxi was even on time. All was well until…well first the damn cab decides to take the long route to the airport. Via the new AUC campus no less! Okay that should have been a clue that this is not my day….So the fare which is usually (as in last week???) 35-ish (with tip and parking it was still not quite 40 LE) cost me 60-something, took longer to get here, the driver drove like a maniac and then has the temerity to ask for more of a tip than I was giving. Lines are crowded and hordes of women sail past me (sails and rigging and all — oops excuse me that’s not showing adequate respect is it? especially since I’m referring to their hijabs) while I’m waiting in line and then the security guy acts like I”m not there, letting at least 1/2 a dozen others pass me (need I mention that they were white and had at least one male in each party). Then a damn woman who had jumped the line in the first place wanted me to “wait” while she searched for her ticket passport etc and put them into a bin at the security check, for some reason unwilling to let my bag get on there…. and the litany of complaints goes on. Oh yes and there was that comatose Japanese girl just ahead of me in the line for checking in and she’d squat every time the inching forward line would stop delaying the line still further

Anyway am finally in the airport and NOT in enough time to grab a tea or croissant at the lounge upstairs despite leaving home 3 hours before the flight was due to leave. So here I am hungry sleepy and therefore cranky. Welcome in Egypt they say… right now I can’t wait to get outa here! But am looking forward to reaching the other end. Amsterdam please be nice… after this morning I am in bad need of TLC.

Will write about Dahab (in a word delightful) later – now need to board the plane …