Crikey! It’s been more than two months since my last post, but there is a good reason. Several good ones although some might say they are the entire reason for blogging in the first place. My life has been such a mad rush of traveling – for family, friends and function (okay that was meant to be work but function was a better alliterative fit). Here’s just the itinerary – details are yet to follow

IMG_0152 May 31 – June 9 (travel dates inclusive): Bangalore, India for my cousin’s Sunithi’s wedding

IMG_0333 June 19 – 25: Oslo, Norway for solstice with the Bambahs and Khannas with a night in each direction to see Seb and Vit(& the most important – baby Giulio) in Brussels

July 3-6: Beijing, China (en route to Australia) with Shomik, Renu & kids. Forbidden City, the Great Wall, and great great food… accounts of all these waiting in the wings

July 7 & 8: Sydney, Australia

July 9 – 19: Brisbane, Australia for ISH conference (mainly)

July 20 (today): Back in Sydney… to be continued (next stop Melbourne)

This is the detail-less version. Photos accounts etc to come as and when (and if ?) I’m able. Actually had a fantastic opportunity to take photos in an art museum in Oslo. So one of these days, if I can get my act together there should be an art lesson in here. And heaps of other stuff besides. But right now am madly busy and loving it!!!!