Writing about Mylène and Sartre reminded me of my own brush with celebrity a few years ago, and I decided I’d indulge in a little first-hand name-dropping. Now, my friends often joke that whereas most people of the world are supposed to be connected  by no more than six degrees of separation, I am connected by just three! Of course that’s an exaggeration, but sometimes things do happen to me in such a way that I often seem to have more than my fair share of coincidences and links to unexpected people. Here’ what transpired in the particular event I’m thinking about.

I was visiting my parents over ’06-Christmas/’07 New Year break since I had a more than a month off and Hawaii, where Dad had his visiting appointment  (quick segue – those of you who think I’m the globe-trotting peregrine, know this – I come by the tendency very honestly,having inherited it  directly from my father), seemed a darn sight more attractive than Eau Claire – rhymes with Oh Where? – at that time of the year. Anyway, as they always do, my parents by then had made a lot of new friends. My mother had wanted me to meet one of them in particular and so she invited her over one evening for tea.

Maya came over with her little daughter warning us ahead of time that she could spend very little time, so we wouldn’t be offended if she had to leave early. But once she got there, 1 hour slipped away into two and then three as we chatted away merrily about all manner of things. Every half an hour or so, she would make a genuine if reluctant effort to leave, but then we’d begin talking again and she wouldn’t. Tea graduated into dinner and it was quite dark by the time she said something like I really need to go now. My brothers’ friends are in town and I need to meet them. We have to talk strategy…

I didn’t see the next sentence coming, not in a million years:  He’s thinking of running for President.

“President of what?” you may well ask. Guess what folks, two years later, this past January, said brother was sworn in as the 44th President of the United States.