Ever heard about the science of pyramidology? About wild theories concerning the pyramids? Such as their mystic properties, their hidden purposes and meaning. or why they were really built (alien launching pads or rather receiving posts- like airports, no really!!! they’re there)? Just google the word pyramid and you’re as likely to land up on wildly imaginative websites making all sorts of tall claims as you are on to legitimate ones about their history etc. Being in Egypt, literally at their feet, I invoke the pyramids often in my classes.

Quick detour – for those of you who don’t know and who may care, my day job when I’m not blogging or grading papers (sorry the latter is part of my day job) is that of a university teacher. Here in Egypt I work at the American University in Cairo, where I teach a course called Scientific Thinking. It is one of those core courses, a requirement for all and considered a nuisance by most who seem to confuse the meaning of an education with that of getting a degree. I’ll rant on that attitude later, but back to this detour. Aah yes, scientific thinking… it’s a course intended to give all students some idea of what science is and why its important. Something I’m convinced is of fundamental importance even if I’m weary of teaching this course and only this course at AUC. It’s an uphill battle sometimes, faced with the why-am-I-here-? attitude of most students most of the time, not to mention certain others but one that has it’s worthwhile moments.

Which brings me back to the pyramids. As I said, here in Egypt I call on them, their images etc in classes to drive various points I’m trying to make home for the students, who like me, have these structure literally at their doorstep on a daily basis. Still, I suppose,  it is legitimate to ask what they have to do with science and critical thinking (which is another way to explain what my course is about). Nobody, can give a better answer to this question than my sort-of boss Dr. John Swanson and so as a public service, for as long as the link remains active, I’m uploading his introductory lecture for our course. It’s wonderfully informative, hilarious and gives a better idea than almost anything else I can think of how people can get sucked into believing the absurd. So let me invite you along for the ride. Click on the pyramid below and sit back and enjoy.

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