In my museum studies course packet I just came across this task and having done it myself, thought it would be fun to take the game online among my friends. The question was “If you had to select 2 or 3 objects which would help to tell the story of your life, what would they be?” I guess the other way to ask the question is “objects that represent you?”

Here’s the first 3 things I came up with without a second’s thought – Passport, Spice Kit & Lap-top which to me represent the peregrine, the culinary experimenter and writer/scholar in me.

A fourth would be my Kindle device which at any given moment would be carrying books I am reading.

For those inclined (and I hope there are many who’ll play this game) do write in and let me know what your three objects would be to represent yourselves? And your thoughts about my choices would be interesting as well.

Let the games begin…