It’s how I’m feeling these days.

For those of you who haven’t been keeping track of time, this is my sixth and hence, last semester in Egypt. Yep that’s right – I arrived here in August 2007 on a 3-year contract which is coming to its end. And am I ever in a state of panic since I still have virtually no clue as to where I’ll be come September! So far out of the gazillion applications I’ve had tons of outright rejects, one campus visit (in Pune, about which I’m not precisely clear what’s happening) and one first round interview – I won’t say where but if I get it .. OH MY GOD!!!.. it would be fantastic – and few pending ones a new round of applications that I’ve begun in desperation.

Actually  it was completing one of those applications (I’ve spent the better part of today on it but got it off just in the nick of time (hopefully – and grammar police note that I mean I am hopeful) that promoted this post. This application was not a letter – which is somewhat simpler if annoying – but required a 2000 word project proposal as well a sample syllabus for a course that I could potentially teach based on my research. A lot of work which actually turned out to be very interesting, which fact bodes well in a way, because it means I will actually enjoy working on the project should I ever get going. Which vindicates my choice of the unattractive-to-potential-employers history of science as the area in which to pursue a Ph.D.

But I can’t enjoy myself on an empty stomach — as all off my fellow foodie friends will attest to heartily – and there are days here I’m waking in a panic wondering what the hell I’m going to do if I don’t land a job for next year. Any job, I’d say except the prospect of another stint in an Oh Where-like place is almost more daunting than having no job. So friends and well wishers send your good feelings my way… and even though I’m not a believer in The Secret, I will bless you all and treat you all to a good meal when that dream job is mine.

More venting later. Have to go shower now