So shortly after my last post I received a message from the dream position that I unfortunately did not make it to the next round of interviews. Or in their words, it was “unlikely though not impossible,” that I was going to be invited for a campus visit. And then yesterday (there’s always something to add salt to injuries) another letter, possibly the nicest reject letter I’ve ever received, from a job that I had actually not held out hopes for anyway – at the University of Minnesota. Their letter said that they had received so many impressive prospects that they had actually attempted to create a second job, but alas, budgets didn’t allow (that last I believe). Long and short – no job. Any wonder I’m feeling rejected and dejected?

The only reason (besides the unable-to-afford-to-do-so) I’m not yet quartered is that well amid all these disappointments are consolation prizes. Just received word that my talk of a year ago is now officially part of a published preprint series from the prestigious Max-Planck. Check it out and download the same from here if interested. The paper is the same one that I revised for JHB and that has already appeared in the online version last summer. Like I said, it’s only a small consolation prize, but a salve to my bruised ego nevertheless.