The internet is likely chockfull of photos of the classic Istanbul-i sights – the Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, the Galata Tower, the Golden Horn and Bosphorus which I too filled my camera with. So I thought I’d show visitors to this site some images that I caught of things that tickled my fancy or funny-bone in different places, which made this trip unique for me. Local men over tea in a rooftop cafe at the foot of the Galata Tower; On the Galata Bridge amid the rows of local fishermen, a woman  in fire-engine-red ‘hooker’ boots (who was she really?… the hooker hooking for lunch?); a pigeon making it’s home in the eaves of the Hagia Sophia in the very section where flash photography was strictly forbidden due to restoration; and those odd gourd-headed critters adorning a storefront in a the fishing village at the tip of the Bosphorus before it merged with the Black Sea. Do click on the picture to your right and browse the sights through mine or rather mine camera’s gaze.