Amid all the grief and travails of job hunting (Status: still uncertain and tearing my hair out playing the waiting game. It SUCKS bigtime 😦  ) there are genuine personal triumphs that serve as consolation prizes and actually have long-term repercussions. Another paper was accepted.. Yay!

In a different journal and on a different subject (slightly) than past one. I mean it’s still about Burnet and bacteriophages – that isn’t about to change for another couple (of papers, years)  I think – but this time it is about the impact of the work on his immunology. In some ways this was perhaps the most original aspect of my dissertation so I’m glad its gone to press. This time the journal is Studies in History and Philosophy of Biological and Biomedical Sciences, part of a series out of Cambridge University. With one paper in each in journals in Oz, US and  UK, my publications are proving as peregrine as myself it seems.