Silver linings would not exist if there weren’t dark clouds that needed them to begin with. Earlier this week, I shared the good news about my latest publication. That was the silver lining. Today I was doused with the reality check from the cloud. A rejection. The first of many no doubt, since I have already submitted 14 (and counting) new applications just since returning in September. The rejection today was actually for an application I had already worked on before the beginning of the term. It was the reason I was ‘Ulm-inating’ for the better part of the summer.

So am I heart-broken? Not really, Disappointed yes, but the summer had already taught me that perhaps Ulm was not the place for me. Meanwhile, I got to expand my professional network by a tad, and add a new referee to my list. Plus I put in some solid hours thinking about a new topic, which I’m hoping will have positive outcomes. Certainly it helped me formulate better proposals for other universities.

But disappointed I certainly am. The von Humboldt is a great award to get and a good family to become a member of. Getting it would have given me better bargaining power should I ever get an offer. I am soo… tired of this application business. WHEN oh when will it be my turn to get that nice job? But worry not, my long-suffering readers, I am not going to play that stuck record at any length … at least not today. Italy is waiting and with that prospect for tomorrow, next year and it’s troubles seem far away at the moment.