Or is about to. As so many friends wrote in when I last made a similar announcement in January 2011, that fact that I’m moving may not surprise anyone who knows me. Nor will the fact that true to type, everything happened suddenly and rapidly. But the destination might be a surprise to many for after traipsing around the world for nearly 30 years (I left in 1986) this peregrine is coming to roost a mere 4 hours from the one place in in the world that was a stable home for more than a decade of my life. The actual place is called Kundli and it’s near Sonepat in Haryana, on oft-traveled road between Delhi and Chandigarh. But basically I’m going to be in Delhi! The new job is at a brand new liberal arts school called Ashoka University. My new job title will be associate professor (that’s right.. finally 8.5 years after I took up my first job in Eau Claire, I’ve managed a promotion!) of history of science. And that might well be the first time there’s been a job with the history of science written into it’s title in India. I’m excited naturally, but also approach this job with some trepidation because of the enormous changes it represents for me. More details on everything soon but for now wanted to at least announce the news.