It may not be the year of the dragon – in fact it’s not.. I just checked and it’s going to be the year of the sheep/ram – but it has entered, or rather I have entered it, 2015 that is. And one of the things I was greeted with just a few days ago, was a “your year in blogging” from the administrators of this site. And I’d had to sheepishly (ha that was a coincidence) admit that my blogging record wasn’t so good, with just 2 posts to my credit. It was better than the year previous perhaps when there was just one, or 2012 when were none. Nonetheless given my original prolific writings, blogging really has dwindled in the years since I moved to Korea.

A quick this year in review, tells me that travel-wise I did well. I managed three actual vacations! The blogged-about green tea land Bo-seong in Korea in early April, Bali later than same month, and Vietnam (Hanoi and Halong Bay) in May. Then there was the big move in July from Korea to India which was announced, and a frenzy of non-stop work ever since. I finished the year in the US, the main reason to undertake a fellowship at the APS in Philly, which is proving to be a lot of fun and I do enjoy that city. In my short time here (not quite a month) I’ve managed an X-mas trip to Asheville, North Carolina, which was completely new territory, to visit Belle and Allen, and rang in New Year in NYC or rather overlooking the NYC skyline from Shraddha’s lovely Long Island City apartment with Dhananjay & Rishika.

Achievements wise, 2014 proved successful or at least signified the beginning of what I hope will be successes in my career. I moved from Korea to India to the brand new Ashoka on a promotion (at least on paper), got this fellowship which brings me to Philly, and fellowship itself feeds into a book project for which I got a contract! Here’s hoping 2015 takes me ahead on journeys begun in this part year.

One of the things I found in the deliciously evocatively named “Malaprops” in Asheville was a book called Writing from the Senses by Laura Deutsch. According to the subtitle it has 59 exercises “to ignite creativity and revitalize your writing.” I thought I’d do a Julie-and-Julia-esque year with this book trying out it’s exercises. I think that an exercise a week would not be too much to do even when I have other things afoot. Just a paragraph ought to do right? It’s good discipline. I’m not sure if I will blog them all here, but I’ll offer up some of the contributions now and then .. this is a NY resolution that I hope I’m able to keep. The only real one I’m making this year.

And with that, here’s wishing everyone who reads this a warm and wonderful 2015.