I just mailed in my absentee ballot yesterday. I hope it gets to its destination on time. It’s important because as I said in an application yesterday, this year has to be the most tension-fraught election of my lifetime.

2016 is the third time I’m voting in absentia, though from a different state this time because I have a mailing address there. Who did I vote for? I will confess, that for a while there I did think about abstaining because of my disenchantment with the candidates and the process,  but decided that voting was not simply a right but a duty. As is within my constitutional rights, however, I will keep my choice secret. But seriously, are there really any prizes for guessing my choice? I am after all, a thinking brown individual, with mostly liberal and granted, somewhat chaotic, political leanings. I will out myself and say that I have until now always voted democratic because while I believe in and wish that we in American had a genuine multi-party system, that desire may be something I won’t get to see realized in my future during my––Oh! there’s that word again––lifetime.

Anyway.. this mini-diatribe was a reminder (to myself and to anyone who may care) that the Chronicles still live. I remain as peregrine as ever: in the past ten months I’ve wandered the world  in pursuit of information, employment and family affairs but am rather discouraged and disheartened (much as I am about the political situation really) but will elaborate on this (maybe) in a different post. For now I’ll sign off with a reminder to all Americans that regardless of your leanings.. get out there and VOTE come election day, which is on Tuesday, November 8 this year.