It’s been a while since I last visited – indeed the so-called “new” year is a month-an-a-half old already, but there’s been good reason. Life has been mighty busy with the usual AUC stuff, visitors and visiting etc. And as I’ve said before, when I’m doing stuff, blogging, back-blogging etc takes a back seat. And now there’s so much to catch up on that I may never do. But a quick mention of highlights

Visitors – My cousin Usha and her family from England were here Dec 17-27. Then Ravi & Hema from Singapore and their son Narayan (my favorite new 20-something college kid) were here from Dec 24 – Jan 4. During the overlap we managed an entire clan trip out to all pyramids – topped off by a night visit to the Khan after dinner at home in between.  A Christmas day that was action-packed to the gills – we pulled it off successfully tho.

Visits – I took a turn at travel with an event-filled trip to Bangalore to visit family between Jan 7-24. In that time I got in Mumbai (it bookended the trip in both directions), an overnight to Madras (sorry Chennai) and a detour to Pune on the way back.

Back again and more visitors: Have been back for just 3 weeks today and am already into the beginning of my third week of classes in what will be my last semester here in AUC. And already too, have hosted my first spring semester visitors – my Swedish friend Eva and her Mom Brita – who arrived last week and left yesterday.

Meanwhile I haven’t been idle on the culinary experimentation front. A few real hits include a kiwi chutney from last night and experiment in poaching pigeons last week. The recipe for the former is up already on demand/request here, the latter will be a few days yet… check out the stuff, and stay tuned for more updates, back blogs etc.

Here’s to a great 2010. Lots of new things will be coming up! May they all be interesting and engaging!